What people are saying about us:


"Loved the Boom Boom Shrimp - as good as the "Bang" at a local chain. The Piggy Mac was delicious; Pulled Pork covered in Mac & Cheese, topped w/breadcrumbs and baked - Yum! The staff was very helpful - there is no specific children's menu, yet they quickly accommodated a request for Grilled Cheese - which came out plated in a pyramid & was quickly devoured by my son. We'll definitely be back!" (www.yelp.com)

"I had my share of bbq. So im no stranger to what makes difference between good and great bbq. I have to say Billy Bob's is top notch in my opinion. The menu is outstanding. Whether you want to have some drinks and appetizers with friends while hanging out watching a game to ordering in the dining room, this place has you covered. The renovation is a breath of fresh air to the drab decor of the past. Staff is friendly and on a couple of occasions the owner came and checked on us and surrounding patrons personally to ensure everything was going well. The backwoods smoker in the dining area is a eye catcher for sure. Piggy Mac...must have...Armadillo Eggs are a creation I'm in love with. The sample platter of all their cuts is big enough for 2 maybe 3! All spot on with taste and flavor. 21 flavors of hot wings is a nice welcome on wing night...no more planet wings that's for sure! I've eaten at Billy Joes in Newburgh, while I am not saying their food is bad, because it isn't, Billy Bob's is just better." (www.urbanspoon.com)

"Absolutly love the piggy mac!!! The armadillo eggs are soo good.... Used to go to the Dutch and liked it... I love this place. The interior design is cool and comfortable... I will definitely be back!!! New owners are friendly and always there checking on everyone.... Go check it out I think you'll enjoy it!"

"I have eaten at this place several times since it opened in April. I'm now a regular. The PiggyMac is the my favorite. The Ribs are great too. Each table gets a set of 4 bbq sauces to try. The service is friendly and the space is renovated. Much cleaner and more open and inviting. The old Dutch staff is gone. So is the ENTIRE MENU. Not one tex-mex item left. And the new chef was trained at our own Culinary Institute. It is family owned and I have gotten to know Bill and Linda, and their son Bobby, the chef. They are always around checking on service and making sure you are having a great time. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!" (www.urbanspoon.com)

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